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Our slogan is “Laser, beaded diamonds” for a reason—it is our new legacy! As a third generation family-owned diamond cutting business that has worked in this industry for 70 years, we are equipped with invaluable experience coupled with a dedication found nowhere else. We started modestly with conventional copper blade and diamond powder sawing, but nowadays we have blossomed into a high-tech laser cutting company, ready and able to assist you and your needs like never before.

Cutting Edge Diamonds is committed to providing diverse diamond cutting services to the NYC, NY area. Specifically, we are able to provide detailed services in:

• Mapping and Sawing Rough Diamonds
• Shaping, Slicing, and Coring for CVD
• Drilling Polished Diamonds
• Creating Beaded Diamond Jewelry (Made with Platinum Loops and Welded with ARC Welding for Durability)

It is very special to find a company like ours that offers such high levels of customer service coupled with extraordinary levels of expertise that covers so many bases of diamond production. Whether you need rough diamond sawing, rough diamond mapping, diamond beading, or diamond laser drilling, Cutting Edge Diamonds can get it done!

We are here to listen to you and accommodate your specific stipulations and requests. Contact our team as soon as the need arises, and don’t be afraid to get nitpicky!

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