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At Cutting Edge Diamonds, we specialize in every aspect of diamond manufacturing with the customers’ interests at heart. From diamond mapping and diamond coring (for CVD), every step in the manufacturing process is tailored precisely to each customer’s specific needs. Diamond drilling in NYC, NY has never been so customizable. Many rely upon us to meet their precise requirements, strict budgets, and narrow time frames, and we have never disappointed them.

One reason we can afford to be so exacting is our excellent mapping facility. Every inch of your diamond will be digitally recorded, and this report will disclose all cracks and blemishes in that specific gem so that it can be manipulated and reworked to your liking. It’s like a fingerprint, too; if necessary, we can use it to identify your diamond and protect against theft. We’ve got all the information we need—we just ask for your preference!

Our drilling techniques are very sophisticated and very thorough. Cutting Edge Diamonds’ drilling method results in polished diamonds ready to be worn as shimmering spots of beauty. Our team focuses on getting rid of ugly baskets or bezels on the diamond, thus unveiling its full luminosity for all the world to see.

Our undivided attention is given to every diamond we drill. Each one is individually scoped and meticulously marked for the optimum drilling spot, ensuring customer satisfaction like no other contractor can.

Are you searching for an accommodating, extremely knowledgeable, and efficient diamond drilling service in the New York City area? Talk to Cutting Edge Diamonds immediately!

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