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With our newly minted green laser technology, we are now able to provide diamond cutting in NYC, NY at an entirely new level. Now, we can churn out finely cut diamonds at a rate and with a precision that diamond sawing never could. Our value per cut has never been better, and our efficiency has never been so outstanding. This is a new age for diamond manufacturing, and this is what elevates us above our competitors.

This new technology allows us to help you in new and innovative ways. Our diamond shaping capabilities have been reinvented as well, thanks to the laser. We can now offer custom shapes in addition to the traditional ones seen everywhere diamonds are made or sold.

That’s right—with Cutting Edge Diamonds, you’re the jeweler! With the added option of having custom shapes, choosing us as your contractor means we are that much more prepared to assist you in any way you need. For any occasion, Cutting Edge Diamonds can provide the gems of your dreams.

Why go to a jewelry store when industry professionals can cut your sweetheart a unique stone from scratch, in any shape you wish, for a reasonable price? Cutting Edge Diamonds allows so much more room for thoughtfulness, creativity, and accuracy. Our laser technology gives you the best of the best, a cut incomparable to any other retail standard.

Diamond cutting has been our specialty for many, many years, and now, our capabilities have evolved into something our ancestors could never have imagined! Reach out to us today to set up an appointment with our professionals!

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